Ideas for New Uses of Catalysts (Disclaimer please read it)
You can find information on catalysts which are referenced in my publications on King Industries website


Non sulfonic acids Trisalkylsulfonylmethane cyclic catalyst  CH acid
Trisalkylsulfonylmethane catalyst CH acid
Blocked sulfonic acid Covalent blocked sulfonic acid catalyst
Isocyanate-Hydroxyl catalyst Zirconium chelate catalyst
Catalysts for crosslinking polyethylene Sulfonic acid catalyst for crosslinking of silanes
Specific and General Acid Catalysis of Melamine Resins Mechanism of Catalysis HMMM partially alkylated
Advances in catalysis Chimia 56 (2002) 191-196 Publication 
New Development in Catalysis Macromolecular Symp. 187, 261-270 (2002)Quo Vadis - Coatings?: XXVI FATIPEC Congress, Dresden, Germany ISBN: 3-527-30477-0
Superacid catalysts for epoxy Blocked hexafluoroantimonate catalyst
Catalysis of the Epoxy-Carboxyl JCT Vol. 74/926, March 2002 
Electrocoating Low Temperature Curing Electrocoating
Catalysis of Amino Resins Lecture Kent State University
Catalysis of NCO-OH Focus Conference Detroit Non-tin catalysis
Catalysis of Blocked NCO ACS conference Non-tin catalysis

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