This is a listing of some of the companies producing additives for polyurethanes which fall in categories flame retardants, curing agents, chain extender and antioxidants.
Company Name Type Trade name Country URL
Albemarle Antioxidant phenol Ethanox US 
Api Corp Antioxidant phenol Tominix Yoshinox JP 
Chemtura Antioxidant phenol, amine Genox Lowinox Ultranox Naugard Weston  US 
Cytec Antioxidant phenol Cyanox US 
Cytech Antioxidant phenol Selosol US JP 
Flexsys Antioxidant phenol Permanax BE 

Ouchishinko Chemical 

Antioxidant phenol Nocrac JP 
Richyu Antioxidant phenol Richnox TW 
Rohm & Haas Antioxidant phenol Advastab US 
R.T. Vanderbilt Antioxidant Vanox US 
Schenectady International Antioxidant phenol Isonox US 
Seiko Chemical Antioxidant phenol Nonflex JP 
Sumitomo Antioxidant phenol Sumilizer JP 
Suny Chemical Antioxidant phenol Generic CN 
Vertellus Antioxidant phenol Topanol GB
Western Reserve Antioxidant phenol Westco US 
Curing Agent
Albemarle Aromatic amine Ethacure US Curing agent PU, epoxy
Anderson Development  Mitsui Chemical Aromatic amine Curene US JP 
BASF 1,4-butanediol Aromatic amine Generic Kerobit US 
Bayer Aromatic amine Baytex US 
Chemimpex MOCA Generic IN 
Dupont 1,4-butanediol Generic US 
Ihara Chemical Aromatic amine Cuamine JP 
Indspec Chemical hydroxyethyl resorcinol HERTM US  
Lonza Chemical Di aniline Lonzacure CH 
Mitsui Chemical hydroxyethyl resorcinol Generic JP 
Nippon Polyurethane Aromatic amine Millionate JP 
Richyu Aromatic amine Richcure TW 
Shell Chemical 1,3-propanediol Generic US
UOP LLC Aliphatic amine Aromatic amine  Clearlink Unilink US 
Sunko Aromatic amine hydroxyethyl resorcinol Suncure TW  Standard for cast polyurethane
Wakayama Seika Kogyo MOCA Generic JP 
Flame retardant
Asahi-Denka Flame retardant Adeka     ADK Stab ZS 27 JP  Phosphorus Melamine
Albemarle Flame retardant Saytex US  Phosphorus, Bromo
Chemtura Flame retardant Firemaster Reofos Reogard US  Phosphorus
Clariant Flame retardant Exolit    US  Phosphorus
Daihachi Chemical Flame retardant DAIGUARD TMCPP JP  Phosphorus, Chloro
Dai-Ichi Kogyo Seiyaku Flame retardant Pyroguard JP  Bromo 
Dawai Chemical Ind. Flame retardant Fran JP  Phosphorus
Jiande Huahai Chemical  Flame retardant Tolgard CN  Phosphorus, Chloro
Lanxess Flame retardant Bayfomox Levagard Disflamoll US   Phosphorus, Chloro
Nicca Chemical Flame retardant Fi-None JP  Bromo
Solvay Flame retardant Ixol DE  Br, Cl polyol
Supresta Flame retardant   Fyrol   Fyrolflex Fyrolquel  Phosflex  Victawet  US  Phosphorus, chloro, polyol 
Tosoh Flame retardant Flamecut JP Br,bisphenol A diphenyl ether
This listing has been prepared for the US market. Companies with manufacturing in the US have been listed under US, although their headquarters might be in another country . Most companies have multiple manufacturing in different locations. If company manufactures in the USA only the US is listed. If only the phone number is shown no URL has been found for this company.

Country Source: ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency

BE= Belgium ES= Spain DE=Germany FR= France IN= India JP= Japan
KR= Korea MX= Mexico NL= Netherlands PH=Philippines  PL= Poland RU= Russia
SA= South Africa SK=Slovak Republic TH = Thailand UK= Great Britain US= USA
HU=Hungary CN=China CH=Switzerland TW=Taiwan

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