Waterborne Coatings


High Solids Waterborne A Novel Approach to the Formulation of Water-Borne Coatings
Non-isocyanate polyurethane PU Oligomers for Water-Borne and High Solids Coatings
Urethane diol Water-Borne Polyurethanes by Conventional Isocyanate and Non-Isocyanate Routes
General overview Additives for High Solids and Water-borne Coatings
Additive to improve adhesion with epoxy adhesive Acrylic Primer with Improved Adhesion
Lower cost modification Copolymerization of Olefins and Acrylic Acid or Methacrylic Acid
Vinyl grafted alkyd for EC Alkyd Resin Composition and Process for its Preparation
Acrylic-maleic copolymer conversion to OH/COOH Process for Preparing an Electrocoating Composition
High Solids Waterborne Coating Polyether Polyols, certain Vinyl Emulsion Polymers
Cationic EC resin Cationic Vinyl Resins and Process for Preparing the Same
Emulsion with higher solids Acrylic-Methoxymethylmelamine Emulsion
Surfactant free emulsion Novel Process for Preparing Synthetic Polymer Latices
RT cure emulsion Emulsified Acrylic Resin or Emulsion and Glyoxal
Water-soluble and selfcrosslinking Hydroxyalkylcarbamate containing resins
Urethane polyols Certain hydroxyalkylcarbamates, polymers

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